La Retraite Roman Catholic Girls' School

The La Retraite Traits

Traits of a La Retraite Student

Outstanding education and life-defining experiences for ambitious young people.

These are the qualities our students develop which broaden their minds, create opportunities, open doors and encourage them to excel, not only in their academic studies, but in every aspect of their lives, both in and beyond school. Every student is empowered to be aspirational and bold; to be powerful and successful; to achieve these traits: The Traits of a La Retraite Student.

Formidable Talent: Empowering every student to be confident, passionate and know of their worth

Courageous Spirit: Inspiring young people to seize every opportunity; making things happen for themselves, others and their community

Determined Minds: Like-minded young people who are fearless in the pursuit of their aspirations

The traits are firmly rooted in our school culture; all members of the La Retraite community encourage the development of these, whilst every student strives to embody them. Across the school, the traits can be practised in many ways. Whether it be supporting new students settling settling in or working within the community, representing the school or making positive contributions to the school community, participating in house events or making good progress.

Based on the amount of merits received, students are awarded Bronze, Silver and Gold badges, and have the opportunity to receive the Headteachers Award at the end of the school year. Each term culminates in a celebration event, in which one student receives an award for demonstrating one of these traits in action, nominated by their teacher. In addition, recognition is awarded through achievement cards which share with families our pride in students, for having exhibited the traits.

La Retraite is underpinned by a long history of academic excellence, successful outcomes, and our ambitious alumni, which we believe is a testament to what every student in our care aspires to achieve. Our students seek to become pioneers of the future, unwavering in the pursuit of their individual ambitions. As a whole school community, we are relentless in ensuring every young person attains the Traits of a La Retraite Student, alongside an array of qualities unique to them, to build the foundations of success that we pride ourselves on delivering.

Find out more about our long-lasting legacy of success and the platform this has provided our students, in the La Retraite Legacy Book.

Our pledge to prepare students for their future begins the moment they are offered a place with us. The only question is: are you ready to become a La Retraite Student?

Formidable Talent — Courageous Spirit — Determined Minds