La Retraite Roman Catholic Girls' School

Success Stories

Success Stories

Behind every set of results there is a personal story of hard work, dedication and perseverance. Here are some of the success stories from the 2020/21 cohort.

Glenda, Westminster Cathedral Roman Catholic Primary School

Glenda achieved an outstanding 9 Grade 9s in Maths, English Literature, Triple Science, RE, History and Art, alongside a Grade 8 in Spanish, placing her as La Retraite’s highest achiever, this year. With ambitions to study Medicine at an Oxbridge or Russell Group University, Glenda is well placed to do so as she looks forward to studying Biology, Chemistry and Maths at the La Retraite 6, where we are sure she will repeat her success.

The school has helped me immensely in achieving my goals and I am truly grateful for the continuous support I received. Teachers here are always ready to help you to reach beyond your targets with so many forms of support; and the results reflect this. Most importantly, the scholarship programme was a privilege and motivated me to keep pursuing my goals; I was given the opportunity to take part in school trips such as to the University of Cambridge which for me enhanced my growth mindset, whilst the careers advice I was provided with helped me to have more faith in myself that I can get to where I want to be.

Soliyana, English Martyrs Roman Catholic Primary School

Soliyana is delighted to have attained an exceptional 8 Grade 9s, a Grade 8 and Grade 6 in her GCSEs and praises the school and her supportive teachers for inspiring her to become the person she is today – confident, self-assured and with self-belief that she can achieve anything she puts her mind to. Soliyana leaves La Retraite this year to embark on her next adventure where she hopes to study English literature, History, Politics and Philosophy and Ethics, with ambitions of reading law at university.

I would recommend La Retraite because of the supportive environment, where we are encouraged to grow not only academically, but as a whole person. During my time at the school, I have been on an incredible journey of self-discovery. The opportunities such as the enrichment and scholarship programme provided me with invaluable insights into what my future could hold, and career possibilities and the support offered encouraged and enabled me to achieve my goals. I would advise all younger students to take advantage of all the opportunities and support offered at La Retraite and dream big!

Aferata, Durand Academy

With ambitions of becoming a surgeon and attending a top university to study medicine, Aferata is well placed to do so, having achieved an impressive portfolio of 7 Grade 9s and 2 Grade 8s. The La Retraite community looks forward to warmly welcoming her back in September, as she joins the La Retraite 6 to study Maths, Chemistry and Biology.

I would advise younger students to always talk to the people around them – the La Retraite community is incredibly supportive, welcoming and acts as a second family. Teachers are dedicated to helping you achieve your goal, and they helped me by identifying the skill sets and grades I would need for my career path, and then inspired me to attain it.

Nanette, Woodmansterne Primary School

Nanette is one step closer to achieving her goal of studying law at university and career ambitions of becoming a property lawyer, as she celebrates attaining 6 Grade 9s in Biology, History, Maths, English and RE, 3 Grade 8s in Chemistry, Physics and Drama alongside a Grade 7 in Spanish. Nannette praises the school for pushing her out of her comfort zone and developing her public speaking skills, from reading in assembly to speaking about her charity efforts whilst on tour in Belgium, a skill she knows will set her apart from the competition in the future. Nannette looks forward to returning to the La Retraite 6 in September, to study English Literature, History and Maths.

There is something unique about La Retraite, the sense of sisterhood and great community spirit. Not only are the teachers passionate about helping you, but older students and your peers look out for one another too and as students, we are given so many opportunities to participate within the life of the school. It goes above and beyond my expectations of secondary school, and I leave knowing that I have achieved my potential, not only academically, but as a young adult.

Ariyam, St Anne's Catholic Primary School

Ariyam is thrilled to have secured 3 Grade 9s and 7 Grade 8s in History, RE, Sociology, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, English Literature and Language, Maths and Economics respectively. With future ambitions of becoming a dermatologist, a career centred around science, Ariyam believes her determination and communication skills can be utilised to ensure that her high self-esteem and positive attitude is maintained amongst patients. She looks forward to attending the La Retraite 6 to study Biology, Chemistry and Maths and hopes to study Medicine at Cambridge University, followed by a two-year foundation programme to specialise in dermatology.

I would recommend La Retraite because I believe this school has helped enhance my education, through the excellent quality of teaching and profound support of the medicine society. The staff at La Retraite always seek to help every student reach their full potential and outperform what others expect of them. In addition, La Retraite strives to equip their students with skills to make a difference in the world, which empowers students to be confidence which is the key to success. There is an outstanding environment created here at La Retraite, and the opportunities such as attending Cambridge University, an institution known for their education, reputation and academic excellence encouraged me to work hard and achieve my goals.

Sheeza, Julians Primary School

Sheeza is thrilled as she achieved 6 Grade 9s, 2 Grade 8s and 2 Grade 7s in her GCSE’S. She credits the school and her teachers who have continuously supported her throughout her journey and helped her to achieve beyond her targets through additional revision sessions and future planning. She highlights the strong history of successful alumni as an inspiration, which encouraged her to work hard and make her own mark on the La Retraite Legacy.

Sheeza looks forward to studying Biology, Chemistry and Maths at the La Retraite 6. She hopes to attend Kings College London University before pursuing a career in Dentistry, with a personal dream of serving as local MP.

The school has helped me to envision my future and motivated me to work my hardest, and the teachers have been incredibly supportive and understanding and have made my time at school so memorable. One of my greatest achievements was having the privilege to be part of the scholarship programme, where I was rewarded for my hard work and motivated to continue achieving.

Dilys, St Francis Roman Catholic Primary School

Dilys was ecstatic to have achieved 9999887777 in English Language and Literature, Biology, Sociology, RE, History, Spanish, Higher Maths, Chemistry and Physics, alongside studying Classical Civilisations through the Scholarship Programme. Dilys is passionate about Social Science and the medical field, and whilst she is still ascertaining where her future career path may take her, she is confident she can achieve anything she sets her mind to, as a result of the self-belief instilled in her by her La Retraite teachers.

Be prepared to be challenged at La Retraite. Teachers want you to achieve your potential and your dreams and will do their very best to get you there: from tailored support, opportunities to develop your skill set to prospects to explore your own passions and hobbies and additional revisions sessions. The teachers build a strong connection with each student which leaves a long-lasting impact.

Keisha, St Peter & Paul RC Catholic Primary School

Keisha is delighted to have attained 3 Grade 9s and 7 Grade 8s and looks forward to continuing her studies of Maths, Additional Maths and IT at the La Retraite 6. She has high aspirations of pursuing a career in the Computer Science field, as a game developer.

My greatest achievement is being able to reap the rewards of the hard work I have put into what I have accomplished at La Retraite. I am so grateful for the teachers for challenging me to achieve my best, instil a sense of self-belief in me, and putting me on the Scholarship Programme, which allowed me to choose an additional subject, which will be beneficial to my future.

Kadijah, Crown Lane Primary School

In September, Kadijah will begin studying English Language, Art History and Art at college. With ambitions of working within the Arts sector, she has laid the foundations for her future success by achieving 9998887776 in English Language and Literature, History, RE, Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Art and Spanish in her GCSE’s, respectively. Upon receiving her results, she commented:

Teachers take the time to build strong, positive working relationships with every student in their class, which ensures we all receive a bespoke programme of support, tailored to each of our needs and ambitions. I believe this has been integral to my success, alongside participating in the array of clubs and activities, which have helped to develop unique skills, discover my passions and provide life experiences beneficial to my future.

Klotilda, Clapham Manor Primary School

La Retraite Head Girl Klotilda is celebrating a host of impressive results, having attained 2 Grade 9s, 5 Grade 8s, and 3 Grade 7s, and looks forward to embarking on to the La Retraite 6 to study Maths, Biology, Chemistry and the EPQ in September, to help support her dream of becoming a paediatrician and studying at an Oxbridge University.

La Retraite is an outstanding school with a great environment for learning. Everybody gets on well and unlike other schools, we see ourselves as one big sisterhood with everybody being supportive towards each other. Students are motivated to get the best results with students and teachers working together as one to ensure the best outcome for everybody. Success is guaranteed at La Retraite.

The support system in place at La Retraite is exceptional and the quality and standard of teaching at La Retraite is high, teachers are passionate and work together with students to ensure we perform at our highest ability. We are constantly pushed to do better by being given challenges to broaden our knowledge and we are taught how to maximise our time, deal with pressure and stay organised which are all beneficial when it comes to exam season. Enrichment at La Retraite is never ending with activities available for everyone. La Retraite has helped me a lot and I don’t think I could have received this support from elsewhere.

Atinuke, Kings Avenue School

She praises the school for providing opportunities such as Debate Mate, the scholarship programme and enrichment experiences which has helped to develop skills, offer unique insights and expand her horizons.

The school has been incredibly supportive in helping me deicide what I want to do in the future: from workshops to university visits, careers day and guidance and support. Not only is the school supportive in the sense of our academic achievement, but there is a big emphasis on our maintaining good mental health, developing the whole person and practising our school values every day.

Neelima, Stanford Middle School

Neelima attained an impressive set of results in her GCSEs, celebrating 9888888665 alongside a qualification in Logical and Critical Thinking and her entrance to the La Retraite 6 to study English Literature, Media and History. With a future career pathway of journalism in mind; Neelima attributes her success to goal-orientated thinking and the encouragement and support of staff.

La Retraite has very open and caring environment, with plenty of opportunities and resources to access and impressive connections, all of which open doors and our eyes to what is attainable. I have many fond memories of the school, from participating in productions and the rewards programme to school trips and today, opening my results which I am so proud of.

Renee, Heathbrook Primary School

“La Retraite is a great environment for students who wish to really challenge themselves and excel in their studies. Teachers work in partnership with students to ensure great outcomes for everyone, whilst making sure that students do not feel stressed or too overwhelmed, as positive mental health is incredibly important. I am thrilled to have achieved 9888776665 in Geography, RE, Spanish, Maths, Physics, Computing and Chemistry.

I would advise younger students take advantage of the support system offered at the school and seek out all the enrichment opportunities available – they are incredibly worthwhile and go a long way in character building, which sets you apart from others on your CV and applications."