La Retraite Roman Catholic Girls' School

List of Our Staff

Our Staff

Senior Leadership Team (SLT)


Mr D Malins Headteacher
Miss A Sidhu Deputy Headteacher 
Mr P Steward  Director of Learning, Business & Operations
Mrs R Coyle Director of Learning, (Admissions, Technical Education, Careers ) (part-time)
Mr D Anti Assistant Headteacher, Designated Safeguarding Lead 
Mrs S Appiah-Kubi Assistant Headteacher (Catholic Life, Mission, Personal Development)
Mr M Dutton Assistant Headteacher (Director, La Retraite 6)
Mr M Donolato Assistant Headteacher (Assistant Director, La Retraite 6)
Mr B Obah Assistant Headteacher (Inclusion, Behaviour)
Miss C Patel Assistant Headteacher (Assessment, Trips Co-ordinator, Timetable)

English Department

Mr J Lomas Head of Department
Ms L Faith Joint Second in Department and Associate Assistant Headteacher overseeing Literacy & Oracy (part-time)
Mrs C Ferreira Joint Second in Department (part-time)
Miss F Ali
Miss M Alvarez Icaza Jackson
Mrs C Assan and RE
Mr C McMaster

Mr J Stirling

Reading Lead

Miss J Szemalikowski

Maths Department

Mrs R Archie-Pearce Head of Department
Mr V Gurbah Joint Second in Department
Mr L Scott Joint Second in Department
Mr M Donolato Assistant Headteacher 
Mr M Dutton Assistant Headteacher
Mr D Kidd
Mr C Lawson
Miss A Mohamed (part-time)
Miss C Patel Assistant Headteacher
Mr S Shah-Zaidi
Mrs J Sobowale

Science Department

Miss N Fosang Science Lead Practitioner
Mr K Kusi Joint Second in Department
Mr C Petch Joint Second in Department
Miss H Ahamed (part-time)
Miss H Assinder (part-time)
Miss R Boateng & Midwifery Subject Lead
Miss C Cunningham
Miss J McFarlane and Head of Year 7, Associate Assistant Headteacher (overseeing Primary to Secondary Transition) 
Mr B Obah Assistant Headteacher (Physics & Chemistry)
Miss N Tamakloe and Head of Year 11, Associate Assistant Headteacher (overseeing Primary Liaison)
Mr L Thomas  and Head of Year 10

RE Department

Ms R Hylton Head of Department
Miss H Boakye Second in Department
Ms P Campbell
Miss D Chisanga
Mrs C Assan and English

Psychology Department

Mrs Y Alidu Subject Leader of Psychology (& Sociology)
Vacancy & Sociology

Health Science Department (Health & Social Care, Childcare, Midwifery)

Mrs K Baxter-Batchelor Lead Practitioner
Mrs S Appiah-Kubi Assistant Headteacher (and Psychology, T Level Childcare)
Miss R Boateng Subject Lead (Midwifery) & Science
Ms A Kennedy
Mrs A Iheanacho

Economics, Business Studies & Computing Faculty

Mr R Stober Head of Faculty, Business, Economics
Mr S Baylor Head of Computing
Mrs J Aryiku Head of Economics
Miss T Chacko T Level Law and Criminology
Ms R Coyle Economics (& Director of Learning)
Ms S Douglas Economics, Business
Mr T Lawman Computing, T Level Digital
Miss J Otinpong Computing, T Level Digital

Creative Arts Department (Art & DT)

Miss S Winterton Head of Department (part-time)
Miss J Chang Second in Department (part-time)
Miss L Abesamis
Mr C Calderbank
Mrs R Coyle T Level Construction (and Director of Learning)
Miss I Davies
Dr J Pessoa T Level Construction

Drama Department

Mrs A Masoliver Head of Department
Miss C Clarke (part-time)

Music Department

Miss R Whitmarsh Director of Music
Mr S Moran
Ms A Adenaike Director of Gospel Choir
Ms E Blair Peripatetic Violin & Viola Teacher
Mr A French Peripatetic Jazz Piano Teacher
Mr T Brice Peripatetic Brass and Cello Teacher
Mr R Hughes Peripatetic Clarinet, Saxophone & Flute Teacher
Ms S Monaghan Peripatetic Drums Teacher
Mr I Doran Peripatetic Guitar Teacher
Ms T Vasylenko Peripatetic Piano Teacher
Ms A Harris  Peripatetic Singing Teacher  

Media Studies Department

Mr S Lopez                                                                    Subject Leader

Modern Foreign Languages Department (French & Spanish)

Mrs K Vajsz Head of Department (part-time)
Mrs S Soriano-Ferrero Second in Department (& Latin)
Mrs A Claps and Head of Year 8
Ms C Flavius
Mr F Orjales-Mourente (part-time) and HLTA for the EAL Department
Miss J Urquhart (part-time)

Humanities Department (History, Sociology, Politics)

Mrs J Kelly Head of Department (part-time)
Miss T Nasir  Second in History
Mr K Regan Head of Politics (part-time)
Ms E Zyba Head of Sociology
Ms Y Alidu Sociology, RE
Mr A Bloss and SENDCo
Ms L Pincini

Geography Department

Miss H Lewis-Davies Head of Department
Miss A Cook
Vacancy (part-time)

PE Department

Mr A Bartlett Head of Department
Miss F Gray and Head of Year 9
Mr E Ogungbayi

EAL Department

Mrs W Jarrett Head of Department
Mr R De Alcantara Furtado Portuguese teacher 
Mr F Orjales-Mourente Higher Level Teaching Assistant (& MFL teacher)
Ms X Pan Mandarin Tutor

Pastoral & other Support Staff

Miss A Pitts Safeguarding Officer (Deputy DSL)
Miss N Rumble Pastoral & Learning Leader - La Retraite 6
Mrs N Weekly Business Engagement & Higher Education Link Officer (UCAS Advisor & Unifrog Lead) - La Retraite 6
Ms N McKellar T Level Assessor (Deputy DSL)- La Retraite 6
Mrs C Fernandez Librarian
Ms C Weekes Year 7 Pastoral Support Manager (& Attendance)
Miss L Foster Year 8 Pastoral Support Manager (& Attendance)
Mrs D Champagnie-Pope Year 9 Pastoral Support Manager (& Attendance)
Miss M Williams Year 10 Pastoral Support Manager (& Attendance)
Miss S Cadette Year 11 Pastoral Support Manager (& Attendance)
Ms V Rumble Year 13 Learning Support Advisor & Y13 Study Supervisor - La Retraite 6 
Mrs S Ruprai School Counsellor
Mrs B Simpson (QTLS) Manager in charge of the Inclusion Centre
Miss H Laszki Attendance Officer - La Retraite 6 (part-time)
Miss E Chambers Learning Mentor
Miss K Murray Learning Mentor
Ms S Viegas Cover Supervisor
Ms C Harris Cover Supervisor
Miss J Farrell Y12 Study Supervisor - La Retraite 6
Miss S Ebanks Medical Manager

Learning Support Staff

Mr A Bloss SENDCo
Miss A During Deputy SENDCo, Transition support, (Deputy DSL)
Miss E Marfo Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mr K Van Ristell Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs R Kamal Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Ms C Carryl Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Ms R Bhola Learning Support Assistant (ELSA)
Mrs A Quirin Learning Support Assistant
Ms P Ramalingum Learning Support Assistant
Ms D Lisikiewicz Learning Support Assistant (ELSA)
Miss N Smalling Learning Support Assistant
Miss C Douglas Learning Support Assistant
Dr E De Olivera Correia Learning Support Assistant - La Retraite 6

Technical Staff

Mr A Silva IT Operations & Strategy Manager
Mr K Sinivasagen Senior IT Technician
Mr J Fins IT Technician (part-time)
Miss R Ahmed Senior Science Technician 
Mr N Muhunthan Science Technician
Mr M Yacubo Creative Arts Technician

Admin Staff

Mrs H Wojnowska Business Manager (Finance & Facilities Hire)
Mrs S Silva Business Manager (HR)
Mrs A Love Head of Administration (and Cover)
Miss M Love Data & Admissions Manager
Mrs C Baskott Clerk to the Governors
Miss T Coughlan Exams Manager 
Miss A Pimenta Dos Santos Assistant to the Exams Manager (Weds to Fri only)
Miss S Desira 6th Form Administrator - La Retraite 6
Ms D Konstantinious Admin Officer (Combined Cadet Force) (Weds only)
Mrs N Rashid Admin Officer (Front Office)
Miss W Joseph Admin Assistant (Receptionist)
Miss U Bokwama Admin Assistant & Attendance support (Receptionist)
Mrs J Di Genua Finance Assistant (Mornings only)
Miss T Chetcuti Reprographics Officer

Premises & Facilities Hire Staff

Mr S Roach Premises Manager
Mr M Skalbania Deputy Premises Manager
Mr J Gomez Vega Premises Officer
Mr R Delicata Premises Officer (Mon, Tues)
Mr R Ovon Premises Officer (Weds - Fri)
Mr W Fernandez Facilities Hire Supervisor (Evenings & weekends)
Mr J Balseca Facilities Hire Assistant (Evenings & weekends)
Mr G De Sa Facilities Hire Assistant (Evenings & weekends)
Mr R Fernandez Facilities Hire Assistant (Evenings & weekends)

Lunchtime Supervisory Staff

Ms L Vuong Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs A Bensadoun Lunchtime Supervisor
Miss L Wilson Lunchtime Supervisor
Miss A Ferreira Lunchtime Supervisor
Ms C Carew-Lorde Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs A Said Lunchtime Supervisor

Catering Staff

Mr M Jaafar Catering Manager
Ms L Miskella Catering Supervisor
Mr K Harper Chef
Mr V Camacho Kitchen Porter
Miss R Akintujoye Catering Assistant
Ms M Lewandowska Catering Assistant
Ms P Goncalves Soares Catering Assistant
Mrs N Sultana Catering Assistant

The following staff are currently on maternity leave:

  • Miss J Bowen - English teacher