La Retraite Roman Catholic Girls' School



We are delighted that as of April 2013, Ofsted inspectors rated La Retraite Roman Catholic Girls’ School Outstanding in all aspects.

Ofsted inspectors observed that students ‘thrive and respond to the school’s high expectations’ and acknowledged that the Headteacher has built well upon the high achievement to raise attainment further.

The inspection found that there is a relentless pursuit of excellence by the Headteacher, senior leaders and governors, adding that teaching is outstanding because teachers know students well and learning is personalised to individual needs and abilities. The report also highlighted that leadership has developed a climate where staff readily share expertise and monitor the impact of their work.

The inspection report highlighted specific areas of strengths:

  • The work of this outstanding school is underpinned by an atmosphere of high expectations and care for the individual
  • Behaviour is outstanding and students work very conscientiously in lessons.
  • Students, staff, and parents and carers are rightly proud of the school and students’ achievements
  • All groups of students, regardless of their ability, make fast progress
  • Teachers’ passion for their subject is infectious and has a positive effect on motivating students
  • Students are highly engaged in their learning, and their attitudes and behaviour in lessons are exemplary
  • Achievement in the sixth form is good and has improved steadily over the last two years
  • Students make an exceptional contribution to their own learning. Because of their success against challenging targets, students constantly set their aims at higher levels
  • The school’s tracking information shows that students in the school are on course to maintain and build upon the impressive record of achievement
  • The school’s house system has helped to build a strong community cohesion and a healthy competition that inspires aspiration and excellence
  • Spiritual, moral, social, and cultural development is planned for and promoted exceptionally well, for example through weekly general knowledge tests, leadership roles, wide participation in extra-curricular activities including art, music and sport, and regular retreats fostering students’ spiritual development
  • The vast majority of parents and carers are supportive of the school…almost all would recommend it to others
  • The school’s focus goes well beyond academic achievement
  • Governance is of the same high quality as other aspects of school leadership.

Receiving a second consecutive Outstanding Ofsted judgement provides strong affirmation for all that the school seeks to achieve for the students.

To read the full report, please click here.