La Retraite Roman Catholic Girls' School

In Partnership with our Primaries

In Partnership with our Primaries

Our series of masterclasses and workshops are tailored to meet the needs of primary curriculums, alongside providing a breadth of enriching and exciting activities.

In July, St Andrews Primary School visited La Retraite for a Retreat Day, involving arts and crafts, games, prayer, reflection and much more. We were thrilled to have received such wonderful feedback from Year 5 pupils:

"My favourite part of the day was when we went to this place where we could pray with this nice lady. We prayed and read loud and clear to each other and then we told the nice lady what we learnt from the prayers we read. It was really relaxing!" - Emily

"I really enjoyed the stations of praying at La Retraite, because I found out that sitting and praying to God isn't the only way of praying and that you can pray in many different ways, eg. making bracelets for people." - Zofia

"We had loads of stations to enjoy, but my favourite was the bracelet making station, we could be creative while thinking about people we loved and reflecting on our past!" - Nikodem

"I really enjoyed praying in the chapel because it helped me to relax and think about all the ways in which God has blessed me! I found it to be a very peaceful experience."- Constantin

"I liked that we played a game to warm-up and that we got to choose which activity we got to do and how long for. I did the bracelet-making, and it was very calming." - Isla

"I enjoyed going outside to answer questions about God's creation and how he is related to nature. I also liked how you could light a candle and pray to a loved one." - Maks