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Fenwick Estate Site Visit

Fenwick Estate Site Visit

On Wednesday 5th October, T-Level Construction Students visited the Fenwick Estate Development in North Clapham.  TfL are building 55 new affordable homes and a community centre on the Fenwick Estate near Clapham North Tube station. The Fenwick development is part of the wider Northern Line Extension project and provides an opportunity to accelerate the delivery of affordable homes in the borough.

The Construction students were able to meet with a range of different professionals on site and learn about different building methods and materials. Their health and safety knowledge from the classroom was put to the test by the Project Manager.  It was very interesting to hear how materials and methods had been revised in the wake of the Grenfell Tower tragedy, to ensure that fire safety was paramount on new buildings.  Students were able to go to the top of the building to see how a reinforced concrete floor was being prepared ready to take the poured concrete.  While we were there a siren could be heard intermittently – this was because of the windy weather and meant that the cranes on site could not be used. The Project Manager explained that the crane operator had to climb up and down a ladder to access the crane in all weathers, he also explained that the crane swayed as and when it is lifting materials.    

This was a fantastic opportunity for students to visit a working construction site.  Students also got to talk to Tamsin, who was completing a Degree Apprenticeship in Project Management.  It was really interesting to hear Tamsin talk about the benefits of a Degree Apprenticeship and how much she is enjoying her role.