La Retraite Roman Catholic Girls' School

Celebrating Black History Month, with our Alumni

Celebrating Black History Month, with our Alumni

Every year, during the celebration of Black History Month, we have the privilege of welcoming a group of esteemed La Retraite Alumni to our institution for a meaningful Q&A session with our students. This unique event provides an invaluable platform for these accomplished individuals to share their insights and experiences on the journey of being young, modern, and dynamic Black Christian women.

In our most recent gathering, we had the honor of hosting five extraordinary women who added a touch of brilliance to our Black History Month festivities:
Angel Adjei - An accomplished Product Manager within the tech industry with a passion in education.

Isabel Anchebe - A distinguished Associate Director who leads the European Compliance division.
Vida M. Adaah - A highly regarded Senior Associate Counsel, bringing her legal expertise to the forefront.
Ranti Adeyemi - A Senior Caseworker and a proficient Professional Makeup Artist, exemplifying versatility in her career pursuits.
Dr Emma Blake - A dedicated Medical Doctor who is also passionate about education through her venture, Student Success Formula, a Tuition School specializing in STEM subjects.

Their presence and insights during this year's Black History Month celebration were truly inspiring and have left an indelible mark on our students and the entire community. We look forward to continuing this tradition of empowering and celebrating remarkable individuals like them in the years to come.

Students throughly enjoyed the panel discussion, along with the Q&A session, where the Alumni spoke about bias, discrimination, and the importance of resilience. The students were inspired by the panellists' determination and their ability to rise above adversity, realising that they too could conquer any challenge they might encounter.

Quote from Year 11 Student Hermione " The Black History Month talk with the four lovely ladies was a brilliant opportunity to learn about the options that come after secondary school, sixth form, and university education. I particularly liked when they explained how to deal with exam/school stress and maintaining a good school/social balance, as well as the advice on study techniques offered. It was also great to see a variety in the range of careers between them, further cementing that there are a multitude of options available to us"