La Retraite Roman Catholic Girls' School

Giving Back Programme

Giving Back Programme

The La Retraite Giving Back Programme inspires our girls to work together, to contribute to their community. Through fundraising, support, volunteering and companionship, our girls are shown what it means to be empathetic and active citizens, ready to take their place in the world.

The students and staff at La Retraite are enthusiastic fundraisers for charity and have raised funds for a range of charities including Book Aid international, Trinity Hospice, CAFOD, the La Retraite Alumni Hardship Fund, Macmillan Cancer Support, Catholic Children's Society, the La Retraite Charitable Fund, Clapham Park Foodbank, Camps International (Kenya Expedition) and the Medaille Trust.

The fundraising events are great opportunities for students to work together, to develop leadership skills and, most importantly, to contribute to the community.

Given below is the information of the Charities that each year group will support for the next academic year:

  • Year 7 - Trinity Hospice
  • Year 8 - Trinity Hospice
  • Year 9 - Catholic Children's Crisis Fund & Race for Life (Cancer Research)
  • Year 10 - Catholic Children's Crisis Fund & Macmillan Cancer Support
  • Year 11 - Catholic Children's Crisis Fund
  • Sixth Form - Cancer Research, Balham

Fundraising at La Retraite

We are incredibly proud of the charitable efforts of our students and staff. The school has raised money through different activities, for example, own clothes day, bake sales, sale of knitted Christmas trees & Easter eggs, and donations through Go Fund Me. Below is a table of the amounts raised throughout 2019-2020, totalling an incredible £4769.61. All funds raised have gone to different charitable organisations.

Trinity Hospice £400
CAFOD £473.85
La Retraite Alumni Hardship Fund £208
La Retraite Charitable Fund £2570
Book Aid International £301
Macmillan Cancer Support £423.76
Catholic Children's Society  £10
Camps International (Kenya Expedition) £383

Donations have also being made in kind to the following charitable organisations:

Clapham Park Foodbank Whole school donation of different tinned items and toiletries, donated by both staff and pupils.
The Medaille Trust Whole school donation of essential toiletries.