La Retraite Roman Catholic Girls' School

GCSE Results 2023

GCSE Results 2023

La Retraite’s Legacy of Academic Excellence Continues to Grow

This year we are thrilled to celebrate the successes and outstanding achievements of our GCSE students, building upon the accomplishments of our existing and impressive legacy.

Students  have taken each step with confidence and a commitment towards their studies.  The results achieved are the truly deserved rewards of their hard work, and a testament to their resilience and the dedication and support of staff.

Students have excelled across a number of subjects and the percentage of students achieving top grades remains impressive, alongside many individual stories of dedication and achievement. 

Numbers at the end of Key Stage 4:

170 students

61 students (disadvantaged)

89 students (with English as an additional language)

15% of students (Higher prior attainment band)

68% of students (Middle prior attainment band)

17% of students (Lower prior attainment band)

Subject highlights and spectacular individual performances include:

85% of students achieved Grade 4 + in English

75% of students achieved Grade 5+ in English

75% of students achieved Grade 4+ in Maths

62% of students achieved Grade 5+ in Maths

59% of students achieved Grade 5 + in English & Maths

100% of students studying Arabic, Portuguese and Russian achieved Grade 5+

Across all GCSEs taken:

81% of GCSE entries were graded at 4+

67% of GCSE entries were graded at 5+

25% of GCSE entries were graded at 7+

 Progress 8 Scores: 

+0.42 All students

+0.34 Disadvantaged students

+0.66 in English

+0.46 in Maths

Attainment 8 Score:


Ebacc entry:


Ebacc percentages of those entered:

30% (Grade 4+)

20% (Grade 5+)

La Retraite’s highest achievers in Year 11 were:

Olivia who achieved an impressive seven Grade 9s in English Language, English Literature, Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Geography and Spanish

Samara who achieved five Grade 9s in Biology, Chemistry, Geography Religious Studies and Sociology