La Retraite Roman Catholic Girls' School

Funding Strategy

Funding Strategy


Pupil Premium & Catch Up Funding

Below is a brief summary of how Pupil Premium Plus funding was allocated for the academic year 2020/21:

Year 9 Student - Looked After by Lambeth Local Authority

  • All Personal Education Plan meetings (PEP) have taken place and continued during Covid-related school closures.
  • Pupil Premium Plus Funding had previously been allocated to external 1:1 tuition. This ceased during lockdowns as the student did not want to continue with virtual tuition. This was agreed by The Virtual School.
  • The PPP Funding is now being allocated to fund the student participating and achieving the Duke of Edinburgh Award, along with purchase of all equipment.

Year 10 Student - Looked After by Wandsworth Local Authority

  • All PEP meetings have taken place and continued during Covid-related school closures.
  • It was identified at the Autumn term PEP meeting that the student would benefit from 1:1 tuition in English, Maths and Science.
  • Wandsworth Virtual school sourced the tuition and paid for this directly. This took place from September 2020 to April 2021 and was virtual tuition.
  • At the Spring PEP, it was noted that there was an improvement in academic progress in English and Math's however, Science remained as underachieving.
  • The PPP then funded Science 1:1 tuition from April 2021 until the end of the summer term.
  • None of the Pupil Premium Plus funding was paid to school direct from the Local Authority.

COVID-19 Catch Up

COVID-19 Catch Up Report

16-19 Tuition Fund Statement

 We are delighted to announce that the DFE 16-19 Tuition Fund has been used to support 30 of our Sixth Form students in accessing online tutoring. We have been awarded £11,300.

Students who are finding a subject challenging are able to access 10 online tutoring sessions with an expert. This one-to-one teaching has helped our most disadvantaged students make rapid progress.

DfE Funded Summer School Statement

 DfE Funded Summer School 2021