La Retraite Roman Catholic Girls' School



If you wish to apply for a place at La Retraite, please name us as one of your preferences on the Common Application Form (CAF) and return it to your local authority.

The deadline for applications to your local authority is 31 October 2022.  However, please contact us directly should you wish to apply beyond the deadline.  National offer day is on 1 March 2023.  If your daughter is successful in securing a place with us, we look forward to welcoming you and her to our school and inviting you to join us on our highly successful transition programme

For La Retraite 6 admissions, please click here.

Please see the below links to Lambeth Admissions and other useful links and forms. 

London Borough of Lambeth Admissions Page

Priest Reference Form

Admissions Policy 2022

Admissions Policy 2023


If a place at La Retraite is not offered to your child, you have the right to appeal to an Independent Appeal’s Panel set up according to the School Admission Appeals Code of Practice.

You must make your appeal in writing outlining why you believe your child should have been offered a place. This can be done via an email or letter and should be addressed to the clerk of the appeals panel. If emailing, please send to Please make sure you include your child’s full name and date of birth in your appeal.

In-Year Admissions and Application Form

 If you wish to apply for a transfer to La Retraite RC Girls’ School from your daughter’s current secondary school or because she doesn’t currently have a place in a school, please complete the online application form below.

Please download the Priest Reference Form above if required. Please note that completion of the Priest Reference Form  only needs to be completed by Catholic applicants.

In-Year Application Form

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