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Visit to Cambridge

Posted on: 22nd Apr 2022

After two years, we returned with 45 of our Scholarship students to tour St Johns College Cambridge University, to meet our La Retraite alumni, learn about the application & admissions process. This was an inspiring trip for our students, encouraging them to aspire high and discover what their future paths can lead them towards.

We caught up with some of our students to find out more about their experience at Cambridge...

“The Cambridge trip was very informative and interesting. I learnt that there are high expectations, which is understandable, as it is one of the top schools in the world. I really enjoyed speaking to La Retraite student who is reading English at Cambridge, who told us all about their experience." Shahd, Year 12

“I think the trip was very useful and informative. It gave me an insight into university life and gave me a reality check on what I need to do to get into a good university." Nolan, Year 12

“I enjoyed the trip; it was a very good experience and opportunity to get to visit such a well-respected university. It had a very welcoming environment and the students who showed us around showed a positive attitude and were very informative and patient when answering the questions, we had.

The current Cambridge students also gave good advice on how to deal with university stress and continued to remind us not to give up and that it is possible, with determination, to get to the same position as the. It gave me an insight into what courses are available for me to study and tips on how to write an impressive personal statement." Shenay, Year 12

“During the trip to Cambridge, I enjoyed learning about the process of how to write and improve our personal statements, I believe that this was particularly useful as it will help me this year to write my own. The campus and the student members were also welcoming and made the trip enjoyable. 

What stood out to me the most is that Cambridge does not only accept students based on their grades, but on well roundedness and extracurricular activities.” Plamedi, Year 12

“I found the Cambridge trip useful as I received good advice for the medical student about writing my personal statement and ways to secure work experience placements. The lecture towards of the trip gave me an insight to what studying at Cambridge would be like." Adama, Year 12

“I enjoyed the atmosphere at Cambridge University, and the remarkable assets dating back hundreds of years there. Prior to visiting Cambridge University, I thought that the university would only accept studious candidates; however, in the talk I learnt from the Cambridge students and the speaker that they want students who are well- rounded. As well as being an intellectual student, Cambridge wants students who participate in extracurricular activities, such as badminton, which I found quite reassuring." Ariyam, Year 12

“On the Cambridge trip, I learnt a lot more about the steps to getting into university, for example, advice on what I should put in my personal statement and extracurricular activities I could attempt to make my application stand out. I also enjoyed learning more about the transition from sixth form to university for example, how differently lessons are taught and what resources are there at the university.” Lisa, Year 12

“The trip to Cambridge was a wonderful and eventful. I enjoyed the experience of being at one of Cambridge's top campuses and enjoying its history for instance, it being founded in 1511. I will definitely consider Cambridge as a choice of interest for university as I feel like it will be a great experience for me and would be a great place for make new friends." Ewura, Year 12

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